Peverelist Launches Livity Sound

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Livity Sound 001 The latest imprint to emerge from our fair town, 'Livity Sound'  started by Tom Ford AKA Peverelist,  is releasing raw dance music straight from the Bristol underground. Strictly for the connoisseurs, the tracks will be available on a limited run of hand stamped white labels, (designed by Tape-Echo) with no digital version on offer. The first plate is collaborative effort that Peverelist and Kowton started working on together, then took the stems back to their respective studios and crafted their own takes on the original. It's a raw piece of percussive craftsmanship that loosely fits the 'UK House' term, albeit on very Bristolian terms. Both tracks have a repeated note that shifts in and out of phase at different points in the track in a very hypnotic manner. At some points it gives way to a haunting string melody, screaming for its release from the percussive turmoil that it's caught up in, and all the while underpinned by that unmistakable Peverelist bass. Far from being dancefloor fodder, these tracks demand repeated listening and reveal more subtle switches and shifts with each play, (they are also both a pleasure to mix). It almost sounds like a forgotten gem from the Skull Disco archives. The lack of information leaves it up to the listener to decide whose version is whose, but both sides are fantastic. Everything about it, from the packaging (or lack of), the sheer rawness of the music, and, it has to be said, the pleasure of knowing that it's safe from the beatport crew, make it a very enticing record to own. Choosing to release only vinyl is a bold statement in this digital-driven era, one not to be taken lightly, but we would expect nothing less from two of Bristol's finest producers who hold vinyl and dubplate culture in the highest regard. Very, very highly recommended. Livity Sound 001 will be available through Punch Drunk Music, Idle Hands and Hardwax in the next couple of weeksŠ If you want to hear the tunes we played both of them on last weeks Tape-Echo radio show, the audio of which is 2 posts below...
Peverelist & Kowton 'Beneath Radar' (Kowton mix) (Livity Sound) by punchdrunkmusicdotcom