DJ Persuasion – A History Of Hardcore ‘88 – ‘98

DJ Persuasion has just wrapped up his decade spanning mix series, exploring and archiving the progression of Hardcore through to Jungle and D&B - we've been lucky enough to have two of these as Tape-Echo mixes in the past and, with the series complete - we've a few words from him, alongside an archive of all the mixes in the series - well worthy of your attention, if you're new to them all, or need a re-visit, each volume is a real masterclass in selection and mixing. “I started compiling the DJ Persuasion mixes in 2015 to revisit some of the records I used to play when I first started DJing. I didn’t go raving much at that time but I listened to pirate radio a lot. There’s a certain thread of the hardcore continuum which only really existed on radio, the tracks which make your hair stand on end but weren’t well known enough to be heard much in the clubs. Those are the tracks I always had a soft spot for, along with the anthems that served to define the sound of their respective era. Although the golden age of jungle and drum and bass has a special place in my heart, tracing back the roots of that sound via radio shows, studio mixes and video footage to the days of acid house, bleep and hardcore has been a revelation in itself and if you enjoy the jungle mixes I hope you’ll also check out some of the earlier increments in the series. The radio show continues on NTS meanwhile, and you’ll find some shows that are missing from the soundcloud archived over there. Special thanks to Giz, Sean, Dan, Alex, Jojo, Keiran and Pete.”