Lily – Tape-Echo Mix

Zipped over fibre optic cable in a flash, the latest in the Tape-Echo mix series now glows on your screen. Lily heads up this instalment, booting up and pressing run on a half hour trip through darkwave electronics, hissing drums and muted sythscapes. Indebted to the scores of sci-fi B movies, foreign cities and the constant glow from hardware racks, the melancholic chords and rain soaked textures of this perfectly encapsulate the Lily aesthetic - one that is liable to stay in your tape deck for months to come. No tracklist for now but there are some forthcoming cuts from the ‘Nightlife In Tokyo’ album that is out on NoCorner later this month alongside some bits and pieces that will get the trainspotters hotted up... (upfront copies available from RwdFwd on 25th October) [Full disclosure, T-E had a hand in packaging the release but don’t let that put you off.]