MGUN – The Early Mix – [Tape-Echo Mix]

With a superb album having just landed on Don’t Be Afraid, Manuel Gonzalez AKA MGUN unearths a gem of a mix from back in the day comprised of his early pieces from his collection as well as some of his parents records from the basement. Some words from the man himself - This is a mix I did when I was a teenager. I hadn't been DJing very long and had a pretty limited vinyl collection. Most of which were records I got from our basement that my Mom and Dad had long forgotten about. That's where most of the disco on the mix came from. Growing up in Southwest Detroit, most of my peers didn't listen to house, techno or disco. Forget experimental music. It was all about hip hop. Don't get me wrong, I love hip hop but my friends could not get down with the other stuff I was listening too. It didn't bother me and likely worked to my advantage because I got the chance to spend more alone time practicing the craft. Having learned how to mix with random found records definitely help shape my eclectic DJ style.

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