Tape-Echo Mix – Alter Echo & E3 – The LavaLava Mix

All 300 copies of that first disc on LavaLava are now in circulation, the sound of Portland’s Alter Echo & E3 is surely doing the rounds on all manner of hifi’s & speakerboxes as we speak. Seeing as this  record was another one of those closely-affiliated to the runnings around the Tape-Echo & RwdFwd HQ, it seemed like a natural move to ask long-time don on the mixing desk ‘Alter Echo’ and his sparring partner E3 - himself perhaps one of Portland’s most dedicated label-co-owners, musicians, family men, and last but not least: school teachers - to make up a special mix for our series, to accompany their release (yes, we know it’s a little late, but we’re pretty confident that there is no sell-by-date on this mix) The request was swiftly answered with this mix - which spans a wide net of sounds & influences that reach right from the deepest reaches of their record collections, depth-charging into their own crate of dubplate material and encompassing their musical influences from across the board, was delivered to us at the end of last year, and we’re very excited to finally present it in it’s full incarnation. It would be unfair to file this 30min recording from Alter Echo & E3 simply as a DJ mix, their approach with this was a little different - Sections were mixed and blended on the decks as you’d expect, but the whole thing was then pieced together in Alter Echo’s studio, his hands at an array of hardware connecting the dots with washes of tape-delay, implosive use of soundbytes and general sound-trickery dealing a whole heap of extra damage to the final collage. Press play and soak it up - this one’s a very welcome addition to the series. Thanks guys!