Tape-Echo Mix – DJ Persuasion (95-96 Mix)

(DJ Persuasion 95-96 Mix) The latest in the Tape-Echo mix series comes from Bristol’s own DJ Persuasion. Following up the 91-92 mix for Happy Skull and the 93-94 instalment for Berceuse Heroique, the jungle connoisseur digs deep in the racks for the 95-96 edition - an era close to to Tape-Echo’s collective hearts.            It opens with a white label that nobody can seem to identify (answers on a postcard or tweet please) and steams through a who’s who of liquid cuts before touching on the outskirts of tech-step. Nothing but essentials in here, some you well know, and some you might not… 1 xxxxxxxxx 2 Funky Technicians - Airtight (Legend) 3 Studio Pressure - Relics (Digital’s Natural Mystic Remix) (Cert 18) 4 JMJ and Richie - Free La Funk (Moving Shadow) 5 Wax Doctor - Atmospheric Funk (Talking Loud) 6 Code Of Practice - Can We Change The Future (Sounds Of Life Remix) (Cert 18) 7 xxxxxxxxx 8 O.Rang - P53 (Boymerang Remix)(Echo) 9 Source Direct - The Crane (Source Direct) 10 Photo - Seven Samurai (Photek) 11 Alex Reese - I Need Your Love (Metalheadz) 12 Carlito - Heaven (Creative Source) 13 Big Bud -  Temptation (Creative Source) 14 Source Direct - Secret Liaison (Good Looking) 15 Ed Rush & Nico - Technology (Boymerang Remix) (No U Turn) 16 Source Direct - Web Of Sin (Metalheadz) 17 Adam F - Metropolis (Metalheadz) 18 Hydro - The Zone (Emotif) 19 Doc Scott - Blue Skies (Metalheadz) 20 Alex Reese - Pulp Fiction (Metalheadz) 21 The Architex - Blueprint (Basement)