Tape-Echo Mix – Milo Bragg

Yes yes! Steaming back into our mix series, it’s an absolute pleasure to welcome back a man with one of the most enviable record collections you’ve (probably) never heard.  Working quietly behind the scenes for over a decade at Juno records, now as head buyer, he’s been making sure that the right records get in the right hands, worldwide, for a very long time. More recently he started his own label, future primitive, which is now on its third release, having started with an essential reissue of some material from the archives of Leo Anibaldi. That was followed by a personal favourite around these parts, a various artists compilation featuring Mike Ink & Terrestre, and more recently, giving much needed vinyl life to CN’s ‘The expedition beyond’.Thelatest release which is just out from Archetype which may be our new favourite on the label, but you'll have to check it for yourselves – he’d be pissed if we started plugging it here! Of course, you don’t work at one of the biggest record vendors on the planet without amassing a serious collection and, as you’d expect, he’s got a collection that’ll make you turn green. Thankfully, he’s woven a choice selection together for us here, and, as the longer time readers and listeners will be aware from his set on our Sub FM show back in 2014 (remember that! Out to all the Sub.FM gang), it shows his real skill for shifting between genres, blending styles that, on paper, shouldn’t work, and in the process, making something truly jaw dropping. A real DJ’s DJ, it’s a gem of a mix and one that we are super pleased to be able to share with you -  Thanks Milo.