Tape-Echo Mix – Via Maris

Today’s the day that Mechanical Reproductions becomes real, it’s in shops and on top rows of websites - Release day is always a buzz but perhaps more so with a debut release, not only for the label but for the producer. Via Maris resides in the Cottage Of Dance, over the southside of the river in deepest Bristol alongside Batu and Bruce. Although this is his first release, you’d never guess it - the fluidity in the drums and highly refined production levels are up there with the best and it’s the intoxicating swing of the B-side, ‘Glimpse’ that immediately caught my attention and sparked the label off. One that, even after a hundred listens is still certain to induce goosebumps before knocking the wind out of your chest when the sub comes in. The A side, ‘Credentials’ has that same fluid swing to it but with added metallic percussion and clarion call lead that makes it an incendiary A side - one that’s been popping up in sets both in clubs and on radio - Both sides are the sound of Via Maris making his stamp on that fractured techno sound that (call it what you want) has emerged from the aura of the UK underground. Adding his spin onto the fractured techno mutations that are coming from the various rooms of his housemates in the Cottage Of Dance - he’s got a gang of tunes to come as well so keep your ears to the ground. In the meantime, after some prolonged text message pressure and face to face grief - we have the latest Tape-Echo mix from the man himself for your enjoyment.

bouncy castle