Transient – Disc Rot Mix

A grey journey from Hull to Bristol via Birmingham, through post-industrial decline, DADA informed collage techniques and a Dub aesthetic. Hi-res versions of the artwork are available at the link below. 1.Throbbing Gristle - Slug Bait (Live at the ICA London) 2.Zhou - Noboru 3.Raime - Told & Collapsed 4.Pinch - Get Out Of Here 5.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 6.AnD - Hydrothermal 7.Shifted - Telic 8.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 9.Emptyset - Displacement Activity 10.Traversable Wormhole - Where 2D Meets 3D (Chris Liebing remix) 11.Actress - Faceless 12.Roly Porter - Kaitain Recorded sometime in December 2011 and forgotten about until now.