6 releases in one day?!

Drawing from the various angles and connections, in an attempt to form a concise current of the sounds that emanate via the individual channels which are distributed via the RwdFwd tower, this week provides us with more than a handful of new records from this local/international network. To be exact, this Wednesday you can find four new 12"s and two 7"s all launching via the RwdFwd website (or head to your local shop 'Idle Hands' if you're in Bristol). New drops on Mechanical Reproductions, Hotline Recordings, LavaLava and NoCorner (in conjunction with Andy Mac's 'Stone King' imprint and Bokeh Versions) are all due to hit record players worldwide. Welcoming this deluge of stand-out sounds, we thought we'd round up the full works of each of the record labels in this article, so you can use this overview to indulge further into each of their singular avenues... The common thread binding all these releases, aside from the beige, poster-riddled walls of the RwdFwd HQ, is a commitment to the DIY aesthetic and culture, and without wanting to romanticise or get all ‘crush big business’ about it - is that taking control from the top down, rolling sleeves up, and just making it happen. From eking out one release a quarter, juggling funds and working side jobs - to being confronted with a small mountain of boxes full of releases to somehow squeeze in the office (whilst still juggling funds of course...). It's the freedom that taking it all on yourself offers which makes it worthwhile. In the latest and greatest haul we've two labels with two releases dropping simultaneously - lava lava and both offer up skewed takes on dub wise and dancehal - One from osamasm and rider Shafique (lion has been in demand for a minute and it's a pleasure to see it hit the finally hitting decks) and the second is a curveball from mosca, offering up a contemporary and frankly, unexpected take on some classic Firehouse riddims. Both have matching screen print and sticker artwork for those quick off the mark. Second up is two nocorner splits. One with a quite frankly sweat inducing number of stamps and the second over two years in the making - the former being the stone King link up which sees Andy Mac and Ossia finally releasing the fruits of their culinary themed studio sessions from a year back and the latter being a project that has taken 2 years and a whole lot of hours to realise - the physical linkup between one of bristols absolute finest, Bokeh versions and NoCorner, skrs at the controls, both sonically and visually. Long term partner in crime and all-round badman Lurka was coaxed back to Hotline for their 15th release, you’ve probably called the voicemail already but the formidable ‘Stush’ is on the A-side, broken techno-not techno, with a worrying amount of attitude behind it, it’s been on the cards for some time now and we’re champing at the bit to see this unleashed on the general public.It’ backed up with the hydraulic bounce of ‘Wrapped Up’ and the first copies come with an A2 poster too. Finally, Mechanical Reproductions get it together and ring off the second release on the label, a debut from Bristol noise merchants Bad Tracking, who offer up two originals and call on Ossia for an industrial grime leaning remix to round things off…[You can read all about it in a forthcoming post as well]. Perhaps it's a lot to take in at first, but then,(Regardless of your DJing tastes, listening habits and levels of guilt when looking at your bank balance) what's the harm if you don't get to listening to it all in one session? These are all plates that, in our, admittedly biased opinions, you’ll play the sh!t out of both in the dance and at home. Each one of the records in the haul has been crafted with the utmost care, from production to packaging and this, as a whole, is the best way we know to celebrate the last 5 years of operations - Getting stuck in, folding posters, stickering & stamping sleeves, harassing screen printers and, by no means least - driving the mastering house mad, a very special shout goes out to Lewis & Lex at Stardelta, without their patience and support, this would probably never have happened!