Analog Love Zine

Last week was the opening night of the 'Analog Love' exhibition at the Idle Hands record shop in Bristol: a selection of photographs and artwork documenting and celebrating the last 4 years of Bristol bass music. We had a great turnout on the night with some xxx rated antics towards the end and stellar sets from all DJs. Special thanks go to Kowton, who played a weighty selection of classic dubstep records, Lightning, Goat Stare and Anti War Dub all made an appearance - the perfect soundtrack to the night seeing as those seminal tunes were what was shaking the walls of the Croft in the early days of this photographic journey.  We published a 28-page zine as a catalogue for the exhibition, our first steps away from the online world and into the infinitely more satisfying physical domain. Packed full of Alex Digard's photos, some that were in the exhibition and others that had we had no room for on the walls, this hand-made, hand ink-stamped booklet is our first step towards a  physical realisation of the Tape-Echo project,  giving the viewer an insight to the close-knit Bristol underground bass music scene, starting at the early 'Dubplate Monthly' dances through to the sorely missed Rooted Records store with a brief stop off at the seminal 'Panhead' transmissions and ending up at the 'Western Union' nights where the next chapter of the story is under way. In between the photographs are a selection of graphics and articles, some of which have been featured on the site and others that haven't ever seen the light of day. It's published in an edition of 50, 30 of which are available in-store at Idle Hands for a fiver. Of course, not everyone is able to make it to our fair town, so we have started the Tape-Echo shop, an online home for our wares. The 'Analog Love' zine is available there for the same price as at Idle Hands, and in the near future we will be stocking select range of products with a strong leaning towards the handmade and limited edition. The exhibition runs until the 18th of August. We made a short video that gives you an idea of the work on display as well as showing what went down on the opening night. It's a pleasure to be able to present the next phase of the Tape-Echo project with you all. As much as we like our blog, and will still be updating it with material from a small crew of new contributors, the time is right for us to start producing semi-regular publications, objects that serve as a permanent record of the Bristol scene and our documentation of it.  We started 2 years ago out of a Southville basement on a typewriter found at the back of a charity shop after becoming disheartened by the speed at which the blogosphere chews up and spits out its endless drivel in an effort to get 'bare hits'. (thats not to say that there aren't some excellent blogs out there). Tape-Echo became an experiment, an effort to slow the hype machine down and to take the time to write well researched and interesting articles that people would actually read rather than skim through at a rate. We came from nowhere, without an invitation and along the way we found a few like minded readers, labels and producers that liked the cut of our jib and were happy to talk to us. We hope you enjoy the first zine as much as we enjoyed putting it together. A link to the new Tape-Echo shop is located at the top of the website and also at the bottom of this article.