APE Returns to F*CK PUNK

It’s been a busy few months for FuckPunk recently, filling up the gaps in the list of catalog numbers - Following the ‘Asda Live At Death Disko’ tape and that raucous 8” dubplate & Loo roll excursion with the no-fucks-given bedroom punk of ’I’m Gay’ by The Bots from around ’83 - it’s now time for another outing from FuckPunk partner in crime Vessel under his APE alias - who presents us with two absolute stormers, proper soundsystem punk for the new age. Continuing the labels tradition of cross format abuse, FuckPunk008 comes cut on an 8” square record, of course. There are 399 of these nifty fxckers - Well, there are 400, but one of them got booted into the toilet, burnt and soaked in bubble bath during the video shoot - and each one comes wrapped with an A3 colour poster, presenting DJ Ape & Dj Oa$is’s lovely tattoos in their full glory - FuckPunk for life. Lastly, we are very pleased to present to you, the action-filled, goat-laden video from Max Kelan Pearce & Dj Oa$is. The final cut includes excerpts from the both sides of this fine record, as well as cameos from extended FuckPunk family - John Bence, Kelan (representing Bad Tracking), Robin Stewart (representing Giant Swan), chester giles, Rodney as a stunt double, and the full Bandulu gang spinning dubs at their launch party. Warning - Video Contains Mild Christmas References.

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