Bandulu004 – Kung Fu Kick

Today sees the launch of Bandulu's latest 12" - The label, fronted by Kahn & Neek, who kickstarted Bristol's grime resurgence with 'Percy' and 'Fierce' some time ago, has led the way with it's high quality output, both musically and visually. With sporadic but on-point batches of limited edition vinyl-only runs, a strict dubplate policy in the dance and little - to no - promotion, Bandulu has the streets talking everytime they move a finger. Kahn & Neek have dubs for days, it would be easy for them to publish their own material and leave it at that. However, it's clear that this is not a vanity project, Bandulu records is a movement, a labour of love. The four-track 12" released last year, highlighted new talent such as Boofy, Breen & Oatz, as well as unearthing a classic Gemmy cut, who's influence on the Bristol grime scene as a producer precedes Kahn & Neek's. These artists are now playing shows internationally, have launched their own labels and are furthering Bristol's mark on the map. Bandulu is a continuation of the music that has kept the blood pumping through sureskank nights for almost a decade now, and a sign of respect to those who've put the work in over the years. All Bristolians - get down to Idle Hands record store today, watch the gang spin their favourite wax, buy some records and get your hands on an upfront copy of the latest 12" on Bandulu. Following that, make your way to the Exchange, for the launch night, featuring the full Bandulu crew as well as a very special guest. Hi5Ghost's 'Kung Fu Kick' b/w a Kahn & Neek remix comes pressed to heavyweight 12", mastered at Stardelta and served in a limited edition of 500, hand-numbered, screen printed sleeves, designed by Joshua Hughes-Games. Watch the Bandulu004 video below, filmed entirely on VHS: