Batu & Lurka announce Fringe White002

Fringe White is back - After that blink and you missed it release on Lurka’s label last year, the pair are just about to release the second instalment from their studio sessions. Following the same no nonsense approach to releasing tunes, the release is a hand stamped white label featuring artwork by Danielle Doobay. There’s a lot to be said for artist run labels, allowing a flow of tunes direct from the studio and into record shops - a wonderfully DIY ethos that is close to the heart of Tape-Echo. Send the masters to press, stamp them up and send them out… You may have heard the A side if you’ve caught either of them play recently, said form that it’s been kept quite close so check the clips below - it’s a deceivingly weighty track that needs to be felt rather than heard. It’s a bit of a personal favourite around these parts, combining both producers talents, resulting in a wonky in all the right ways slab of UK leaning techno that’s a whole load of fun in the mix. The flip side is a brand new production called Struck, taking the BPM down a little and twisting some killer drum work around a captivating vocal sample. Trademark sound design from the duo combined with the precision drum work ensure this one’ll do the right stuff on the floor. First copies will be on RwdFwd this Wednesday (1st March) at 7pm GMT, and in other stores early next week.