Cerah Khin & Ossia – Guided Meditation [Lazy Tapes]

Some people dream of making a record label… Some people dream of making a label, wake up and then go ahead and do it. The latter option is the case with LazyTapes, the label which was quite literally formed as a semi-lucid idea one night in Berlin, as part of a dream conceived in Cera Khin’s mind during suspended consciousness. The name of the label and the fact that she would be going down this DIY route in order to present pieces of sound to those who want to listen, was already decided by the time she woke up that morning, and the idea was purely waiting for realisation. Being one of the most on-it female selectors in Berlin, naturally it wasn’t long before she had got the wheels in motion for the daytime crew, and she made the steps for the course to take action. Together with Ossia, who also has a hand in the label (mainly doing dirty work such as cutting inlays, doing a bit of studio work and helping with distribution) she had already made a more-than-suitable piece of music for the cause, and it was then decided that the half-speed youtube ripping, anti-ambient musique concrete twist up ’Guided Meditation’ and it’s slurred take on internet meditation would make a good start for the first of the lazy transmissions. A few days later, Cera Khin let loose on the machines & mixing desk in Ossia’s studio and created two further solo pieces of sound abstraction, in perfect company with the (anti)meditation vibes of their collaborative piece, making up a fine trilogy of mind-boggling weirdness for your tape player. ‘Frogs In My Bed’ is a collage of her own synthesis, extracts from some of her rarest & most obscure records and field recordings that she had recorded on a trip to Tunisia earlier that year. She summons the frogs residing in that empty swimming pool in Tunis and the distant calls for the ramadan prayer into a widescreen mesh of sounds, in the most spacious, restrained and concise ways. Stretched out for several minutes of expanded dream-state, the elements pass through the arrangement like worried clouds, creating a constant feeling of somehow comforting uncertainty, just before a distant drum beat flashes through, like a glimpse of a rainbow putting a temporary end to a gloomy day. ‘Ants Don’t Have Lungs’, the final cut on this cassette gives us excellent knowledge with it’s track title, and then continues to fry your brain, ridding of any prior knowledge, by way of a tripped out, frenzied electronic whirlwind. A perfect finisher to one of the most hallucinogenic releases we’ve heard in recent times, a great statement of intent. Just in case you hadn’t left this planet yet, your ticket is going to be available via RwdFwd and a selection of class music vendors, in an edition of 100 hand-assembled tapes, including sticker and artwork by Patch D Keyes. Announcements for a second tape have already been made too - A very special Christoph De Babalon live recording backed with one of Cera Khin’s notoriously good DJ mixes, rest assured that the label will be providing many more soundtracks for altered listening states. Now that we’ve painted the picture, watch Max Kelan smear it with extra lashings of surrealist scapes in the extended video for ‘guided meditation’ ….