chester giles – Overdue

We're not sure what happened to FuckPunk004 and 005, but the label are now presenting us with their 6th release... And we're not complaining either. This time around, it's a new piece from chester giles, recorded straight to tape, then versioned twice more straight from the tape-deck, through the tape-echo via the old analogue mixing desk with Ossia at the controls. In it's full tape-saturation, chester giles' 'overdue' is followed by two consecutive 'versions' or 'dubs', in true roots tradition, with each cut furthering the pronunciation of it's intent with exaggerated effects. Usually this would of course include more stems than just one vocal recorded to tape, but the effect is equally striking. The urgent hiss of the roland-space echo on 'an overdue version' simmers underneath the second repetition of chester's poem, which is then followed by it's wild last excursion for the third and final incarnation. 'overdue. overdub.' lets the delay and spring reverb shred at the content of the tape-deck, which is itself being torn back and forth, creating a struggled, intensified jigsaw of the original 'overdue' recording to great final effect. If one listens very closely, you can hear faint casiotone rhythms bleeding through from behind the headphones, indicating that this was originally recorded over a drum track, however, 'overdue', 'an overdue version' and 'overdue. overdub' have been left to reside without an instrumental. This decision to focus on the words and the surrounding pressure in the air seems to have increased the intensity of the content by a mile. Each gap between the fed-up breaths of chester's poem multiplies with it's overdriven angst. The wiring that connects the precarious scattering of machinery plugged in to the mixing desk, the unearthed and amplified electricity only add to the imminence of the last, and next sentence. These recordings are driven by chester's delivery, the heaviness and choice of words, a blunt and direct commentary on modern-world pressures and social stigmas. The side-effect of the recording process only adds to the brooding, lazy angst of it all. And perhaps all of what we wrote was put much more concisely by the label: 'your landlord can fuck off, this tape is coming out in an edition of 50, with a free rubber-band...' FuckPunk006 will be released early next week, available from select stores and