Cream Of Bristol Roots Pirate! – Compiled by Stryda

After harassing our friend DJ Stryda for quite some time now, in order to hear some of his much-talked-about 90s pirate radio home tapes, we’re pretty gassed to now be able to offer out this rather special ltd edition cassette via the Tape-Echo series - 90’s roots pirate radio, straight from the FM signal to tape, compiled by Stryda in 1994... ‘Cream Of Bristol Roots Pirate’ is a 90 minute collage of pirate radio fragments snatched out of the airwaves above Bristol throughout 1994, taking in the static drenched and warmly compressed broadcasts from pioneering Bristol Pirate stations Power, Ragga & Raw FM. A lifetime before the era of internet radio and streaming, these transmissions were spliced together on one radio tape deck, pause-button style, in one take – a mixtape of highlights, dubbed and passed on to close friends for repeat listening. A chance loft digging session by Stryda (who is now a long time veteran of pirate radio with his Sufferah’s Choice show which has been running since the 90s) unearthed the original cassette which was given a bit of TLC at the Dubkasm studio to get it sounding tip-top, then pro-duplicated and printed. No edits, no fuss. Drifting through a haze of shoutouts, adverts for local dances, toasting and frequency dial surf noise, with the likes of Skelly Roots, Kama Dread, Jah Lion, Ras B and more at the controls, it’s a deep-dive into the pirate waves above Bristol near-on 30 years ago and a reminder of why the city’s radio culture is so vibrant to this day. Copies available over at now