Dj Sotofett – Take5 cafe Bristol – Aug 11

‘I like Donato Dozzy, I like his shit. Sex Tags, they’re from Norway. Scott Grooves. Theo Parrish. And Kyle Hall. That’s it’. Omar - S It’s hard to imagine any other DJ out there being able to bring together the very different worlds of Peng Sound and Headrush. But it’s been done. For one night only DJ Sotofett will be in full effect in the basement of Take 5 Cafe laying down a 6 hour, all-vinyl set. He’s never done it in the UK before but we’re told that ‘marathon style DJing’ is how they roll in Norway. Those who’ve experienced the left of center world of Sotofett and the Sex Tags Mania camp won’t really be able to help you out explaining what to expect tonight, but they’ll tell you that you’re guaranteed a sprawling lesson in quality underground esoterica. Known for putting out a mixture of bizarro analogue house and techno on Sex Tags Mania alongside a whole mishmash of dub, disco, experimental, noise and miscellaneous gear on sub-labels Sex Tags Amfibia and Sex Tags UFO, Sotofett’s DJ sets cherrypick the best in dusty classics, unknown obscurities and bargain-bin trash from the whole underground spectrum. The result is an unpredictably rambunctious clash of bass, weirdness, dancefloor propensity and humour, yet somehow true to the essence of whatever heyday it draws from. Until recently Sotofett’s persona has been shrouded in mystery, hidden away in the depths of Norwegian subculture folklore alongside a few friends putting out music from the post-industrial town of Moss. But in line with the Sex Tags motto, ‘Graffitti can’t be stopped’ Sotofett has quickly developed a reputation amongst the world’s deepest crate-diggers as one of the zaniest, original and most essential DJs in underground music. As well as his own analogue-fetishing productions on labels like Wania and Acido, Sotofett is known for his slappy edits of others’ material, much of which is test-pressed, played on radio, circulated amongst friends, never actually released and sometimes (apparently) melted down again to be reincarnated as something new. Recent connections with Omar-S’s FXHE imprint and collaborations with Madteo (who released on Joy Orbison’s Hinge Finger label this year) have also raised his profile whilst keeping his associations with obscurity and insouciance tight. The Sex Tags ethos is a parody of both the fickle digital era and today’s world of underground hipster anonymity. In 2010 Amfibia presented a messy disco-dub-funk-Caribbean hybrid credited to none other than ‘DJ Candle in the Wind’. In 2009 Sex Tags released a single-sided locked groove containing a 909 bass drum with "The copyright in this sound recording is not owned by Tadao Kikumoto" printed on the label. The amateur-looking Sex Tags online record store – – upholds the collective’s ethos as much as the records for sale themselves. The UFO-powered mix series on contains everything from classic house bangers, junglist skankouts, trippy ambient explorations and 8-hour reggae chongouts. For most others, a commitment to such playfulness and diversity is usually a compromise on quality. Not so for DJ Sotofett, whose well-crafted institution and persona stands as a bastion of underground eccentricity once pioneered during the glory days of AFX and Warp. The stories of hijinks could go on forever, but what better way to experience the world of DJ Sotofett than coming down to Take5 for a 6-hour session. DJ Sotofett mixes: Sex Tags UFO Mix series :