Dubkasm VS Gorgon Sound – live At Trinity Centre – 30-01-15

At the beginning of this year, one Friday night in Bristol, inside the legendary Trinity Centre, we experienced two hours of dubplate extravaganza, most definitely this years most talked about soundsystem session. Dubkasm vs Gorgon Sound alongside Solo Banton on the microphone, on the mighty O.B.F. Soundsystem for the legendary Teachings In Dub - Peng Sound Special. Those who made it to this special dance will be able to testify that it was a truly special event, a night that did Bristol proud in many ways. The dance was rammed from start to finish, one could sense the excitement in the air from the time O.B.F. flicked the switch on their amplifier, right through til the lights came on at about 5am. Those who have been keeping an eye on the happenings in Bristol, especially Peng Sound related, will have noticed that the link between the artists involved is strong and healthy... Supportive and also competitive, but in a healthy kind of way. Gorgon, Dubkasm and Ishan have been swapping exclusive material over the last few years and also supporting each other in various venues worldwide, bringing their unique and forward thinking brand of soundsystem music to the world. From the time Stryda started talking about this idea in late 2014, it was clear that both Dubkasm and Gorgon Sound were going to push for this to be a special session, with no minute wasted, each record was to hit as hard as it possibly could. On the 30th January, we heard a heap of exclusive dubplates, some of which were made especially for this night, many of which will never see a full release. In true soundsystem fashion, this session was all about showcasing each others most exclusive and powerful dubplates, a head-to-head testament to each of their abilities, the crop of their devotion to music. From the Dubkasm remix of Ishan Sound's 'Elemental' with Rudey Lee delivering a special version of his 'Emotion' lyrics, through to Gorgon Sounds heavyweight remixes of O.B.F., Twilight Circus and of course Dubkasm, right through to a ruff & tuff Dubkasm remix of Gorgon Sound's 'Dread' featuring none other than Mark Iration in clash mode on the microphone – there were just too many specials and dubplates in this session to list them all right here... Thankfully, the session was recorded using a microphone in the hall, and a line recording from the mixer – with the result being a clean recording of the session that captures the electricity and the vibes in their entirety... Crowd calling for rewinds and soundsystem scoops running red-hot, this is just the kind of magic that makes these dances so special. We are proud to announce Peng Sound's latest offering, an ode to the tradition of sound-tapes and simply a great artefact with which to remember what went down that night. An opportunity to hear a gang of dubplates that would usually only be heard when Dubkasm or Gorgon Sound are in session, live & direct. Spread across two cassettes, you can now listen back to the full recording of the Dubkasm vs Gorgon Sound session, just over 2hrs filled with nothing but dubplates & exclusives – no MP3's or laptops. Strictly acetate & vinyl dubs. PengSoundTape001 comes housed in a double-tape pack, with a B&W inlay designed by Studio Tape-Echo, including a hand-stamped, type written insert. First copies will be available via RwdFwd.com from tomorrow, and supplied to all good record shops the following week.