From The Reels – A NoCorner Collection – Part 2.

We are pleased to say that we have been given the go-ahead on announcing the finer details as well as some pictures of the 'From The Reels' project on NoCorner. To add to that we also have the first video of four (we will be adding more over the rest of this week) - a killer Vessel remix of El Kid's 'We Need Mirrors'. By far NoCorner's most ambitious project yet, this release will feature the label's most treasured cassette output, remastered and represented for vinyl, spread across three heavyweight 12"s and a fluorescent 7". With each disc spanning over 30mins running time, some of them merged into one long groove, the fluidity of the cassette releases has been kept, and the original running time has not been compromised.  Each of these discs has been mastered to the highest standard, and cut to 180gsm disc at a loud volume, making them suitable for club-use as well. We feel just as - if not more - excited about this box set as we did when we heard this music for the first time. Spread across 4 discs, housed in individually printed sleeves, as well as stamped 7mm kraftliner sleeve with a hand-screen printed outer-sleeve, you can find and listen to the following sonics from the NoCorner catalogue: Disc 1 - El Kid - Labyrinths EP (NC003=12) Perhaps the most deliberated and the most finely executed of them all, the first disc will feature the skeletal, minimalist techno structures of El Kid's 'Labyrinths EP' - inspired by - and titled as a tribute to Borges' book of short stories, it certainly has the feel of a concept piece, with each of the four tracks following a close sonic aesthetic.  It's an intimidating and highly engaging journey that will not let loose until the needle reaches the end of the disc. An artistic voyage into the depths of sound and vibration… and a truly compelling one at that. Disc 2 - Filter Dread - Space Loops (NC005=12) The second disc, features 'Filter Dread's much lauded 'Space Loops'…Thick fogs of dread pads and carbon steel breakbeats slowed almost to the point of total abstraction, the reference points are there but in trace amounts. The rest is exploring a new space - breaks stretched to their serrated limit, exposing the pitted drum hits that the UK underground is built on, from Jungle to Grime and beyond. Disc 3 - Lily Modern Malaise (NC006=12) The third of the 12's is taken from NoCorners sixth cassette release, in the form of 'Modern Malaise'. It's a frenetic look into the cyberpunk world of the mysterious Lily… broken tape-machines, dusty effects pedals and vocal speeches, make up a mind-bending sonic story that spans across defunct half-step and techno, off-kilter house music and drones from a parallel future.  Disc 4 -  Side 1: El Kid We Need Mirrors (Vessel's Psychosis Mix) (NC003.1=7) Side 2 - ??? You will be able to find clips of some of the above mentioned releases around the internet, but for the meantime, we are pleased to present you the first of the official NoCorner teaser videos to go with this release. The first video we can present to you, is the solid Vessel remix of El Kid's 'We Need Mirrors', aptly titled 'Vessel's Psychosis Mix'… this will feature on a Bonus 7", as part of the box set.  …..Music for those that see beauty in industry But the question remains - What's on the flipside to this fluorescent disc? More to follow. Daniel Davies