Gantz heads up the next Hotline

Straight off the press and out of the door tomorrow - taking over a disused storefront near you, the latest Hotline plate comes from the Turkish rhythm merchant Gantz. Following up a string of top quality releases, all with their own lopsided signature, the two cuts on offer here are some of the most rugged and uncompromising to date. Up top is the biting and bruising thump of ‘Tut Tut Situation’, cantankerous as they come this one - First sighted on eagle eye blogs when the sleeve artwork was pasted in place here in Bristol, this one’s been road tested by a few top selectors for a little while now, finally off dub and out next week. On the flip is ‘Love & Acid’, ragging a serrated break through a compressor and bringing it back from the brink of total implosion, it snarls and scuffs it’s way through the staccato arrangement, threatening to bite it’s own tail off at points - a savage assault on the senses that is borderline GBH on a big rig… Early copies will be on this eve (Dec the 8th) and at all other stores a couple of days after.

bouncy castle