Klon Dump – Two Rooms – NC015

Klon Dump, an artist located in Berlin, known for his monthly Cashmere Radio interruptions and a collection of deft, pacey trax served on a double disc via A Colourful Storm last year, as well as recent excursions under a different alias, is now about to make his mark on NoCorner with a 32 minute and 19 second delivery of cold 'electro-acoustics, near silence and knackered dread-pop'. Informed by location recordings at a care home, filtered and treated in the solace of the home studio, the aptly tilted 'Two Rooms' is one of the most chilling and transportive concept pieces we've heard in some time. Moving from uncomfortably-lit atmospherics and relatable health industry acoustics, through far more cerebral, inward soundscapes that capture the angst and perhaps even the strange comfort that can be found in a situation that lends time to reflect on things out of the reach of one's responsibility. From 'Room One' the cut that begins proceedings, through to 'Room Two' the opening to the second part of the release, right until the final minutes, each of the eight recordings contained here float freely between the physical spaces they occupy, and the construed clearance in between. Contained inside a vacuum-sealed, clear C32 cassette, with the code for acquisition of the digital files placed on a plain sticker, the presentation of this release is deliberately cold, yet it allows for the listener to maintain a neutral mindset, allowing for effective consumption. A short description of the contents, below: Room One... Drifting with no end in sight, faint and indistinct, coated by a dizzying sense of uncertainty, the ebb of sonics are often interrupted by sharp moments of darkness or extreme light... A woozy, opiate riddled atmosphere filled with equal amounts of hollow beauty & affliction. Room Two takes shapes that assume an end is in sight. Not yet though. The interruptions of light, violence and the twisted glimpses into our own surroundings become more assertive, and the gentle whirr of the machines drowns slowly beneath shapeshifting melodies and rhythms... The quiet solution to all previous questions is embodied by the melancholy crescendo, the entrancing haunt of the final track: 'Body Leaves The Room'. ------- Some of you will remember this track being sneak-previewed via the recent '5 Years Of NoCorner' compilation, but we felt that this special piece deserves all the extra focus in lieu of the full Klon Dump outing on NoCorner... You can stream 'Body Leaves The Room' in all it's harrowing glory below, and the full cassette + digital package will be released in the coming week.