Lurka Guest Mix Live On Tape Echo Radio

Almost a year ago, an unknown blog called Tape-Echo strung a line of bare-faced lies to the doorman at Start the Bus in Bristol to conduct an interview with the then fairly unknown Lurka. We talked about sampling laughing camels, drank beers and he played some records. One year later and Benjamin Tregaskes has had tracks released on Black Box and Box Clever, collaborated with Commodo, killa & Instinct and had tunes supported by the likes of Youngsta and Mala. Not bad for a years work... If you're familiar with his sound then your probably already a listener to his Sub FM show, a regular fixture on the scene for nearly 4 years that has a large underground following, one look at the amount of comments on his soundcloud will give you an idea as to how eagerly awaited his new tracks are… The dubplate and vinyl fiend made the move to Bristol a few weeks back and in-between shifting stacks of Spanish Gabba records at Chemical (their mad for it in small provincial spanish towns im told) he holds down a busy schedule of gigs both in the UK and Europe. What then, you may well ask, is the point in having a guest mix on the radio show from an artist that already has his own show? Like all good ideas, it was conceived in the Bell's beer garden in the later hours of the evening…'low' dubstep mate just play whatever you want' we slurred at him and that still stands. This Sunday's show is a chance for you to hear another side to Lurkas sound, an hour of unplanned bass heavy tracks and a high possibility of some banter. Unofficial word is that he has some brand new tracks to give an airing too, if they get finished in time and the Spanish Gabba doesn't get in the way.