Michael O’Neill – The Binary Order

"Chewed up and spat out, targeted and watched." Surplus labour piles up in concrete reservations. The veneer of democracy is fading fast. Confusion reigns. Our subjection to the economy’s ravenous death drive is eased and obscured by Silicon Valley soma, street drugs and the media’s trivialising babble. A polemic on culture, class and society, ‘The Binary Order’ is the long awaited album by Manchester-raised Michael O’Neill, for FuckPunk. Fiercely political and unashamedly outspoken, Mike tells it how it is - privileged social butterflies, desperate addicts, vapid pop stars, and frazzled info-workers pass by in vivid character sketches - there’s no beating around the bush here, this is no limp attempt at being political… O’Neill comes with all the rage you’d expect from a proper punk record, but he delivers it with a militant cool that brings the message home with a much more deadly, and concise effect - The production on this record, a combination of recording artist Sam Weaver and Michael O’Neill, is no mean feat either, with guttural dub constructions clashing fierce hip hop & dancehall infected noise beats in a seamless mesh of sound experimentation and infectious, classically hard-hitting rhythms. A real masterclass in lyric-driven, sonic warfare straight out of Manchester, this one is a punch to the jaw of all weakhearts and vampires, and an ignition for the flames of resistance that should burn within us all. The wax is available now via rwdfwd.com - each one comes with a DIY design pieced together from documents and artwork shreds glue’d and photocopied down at the local printers. First 50 come with extra photos, lyric sheets and documents too -