NoCorner 007 – Seekersinternational – Rootprinciple

The latest in the continually unpredictable output of the ever-elusive NoCorner cassette and vinyl imprint is upon us, once again, out of the blue... This time around, NoCorner present us with an edition of 100 clear shells, loaded with ferric grade tape, injected with hallucinogenic dub and off-centre roots music from the outernational spheres that SeekersInternational frequent… Information on the artist(s) is scarce and (intentionally) flexible… After searching for some more info on the SKRS formation, we were greeted with a response that left us with more questions, adding only to the mystery of this entity. Roughly, we can tell you that SeekersInternational - sometimes referred to as 'Seekers' or simply SKRS - consist of a rotating core of seven persons involved, unearthing archival recordings, bending circuits and traditions whilst hovering between sound system sessions and radio transmissions somewhere around Vancouver, Kingston (circa 1981), and the soothing sun that surrounds the Phillipines. Operating focusedly on a strong musical and visual level, their output is often presented understatedly, left free for re-interpretation, guided simply by a handful of poetic words and imagery… Often working in close conjunction with an artist and friend who goes by the name of Mysteryforms, SKRS deliver a unique blend of music, poetry, art and video… effortlessly blending and infusing each of its ingredients into a semi-lucid stream of dubwise lifestyle and mannerism. A visual installation collaboration, a mysteriously 'unearthed' recording of a 'live dancehall session from 199X' broadcasted on Vancouver's FM airwaves, hand-painted cassettes, self-released 7"s, hand-made CDs and Videos that blur its references into a hazy mesh of smoke-filled, lo-fi obscurity - SKRS have delivered a versatile, yet extremely well defined output. Whether on their own terms or via labels such as Digitalis, Wzdry Recordings, and NoCorner… - if SKRS is at the controls, you will know it. It is with pleasure that we can present to you, their next chapter from the chamber - Find below, A teaser video + words made and written by SKRS themselves - Machete pon left and a dagger pon the right The seeker sets about on an inner pilgrimage Hacking thru a dense tangle of circuit overgrowth and corrosion The lush canopy, seen from above Belies the dread and danger lying-smiling in wait within Lions in sentinel; challenging those who profess their fidelity Steel horn speakers call from towers on high while Drums rumbling from a distance approach Where time cuts to the chase, notions leave no trace... INSERT VIDEO Released in limited edition C40 cassette format next week - with early, special edition copies going out via as of now - - Daniel Davies