NoCorner present – From The Reels

It's finally here - after announcing the project on Tape-Echo a month or so ago we have been following the NoCorner crew and their 'From The Reels' collection closely, here we present the whole project and it's many parts for the first time - A huge undertaking for a small self distributed label, one that lives up to their reputation as a quality DIY label. Spanning three heavyweight 12"s and one fluorescent yellow 7", NoCorner unveil some of their most treasured cassette-output of recent years in this new shape and form, alongside a previously unreleased Killing Sound remix of El Kid's 'We Need Mirrors'. This collection includes the previously cassette only releases - 'Labyrinths' by El Kid, 'Space Loops' by Filter Dread and 'Modern Malaise' by Lily. Each record has its own printed sleeve and is housed in a stamped kraftliner outer which is then wrapped in newsprint run-up. This is taken from the beginning of a print run on an offset web printing press while the rollers are still picking up ink, the results are heavily inked pages that take on all sorts of colours and patterns, making each one unique. The wrapped records are then put inside a screen printed poly outer sleeve and the first 100 copies come with a NoCorner zine, looking back at some of the label's history and showing some previously useen artwork, bound by a risograph printed cover. These limited editions are available exclusively through rewind forward and also include an additional print on the kraftliner sleeve. This collection is clearly a huge labour of love, one that has paid off, leaving NoCorner flying the flag for quality DIY aesthetics and, of course, some of the best underground electronics we have ever heard.