Peng Sound Presents – Kambo Super Sound & DJ Sotofett

What they don’t tell you in music history classes is that dub music actually originates from Norway. They don’t tell you that in music history classes because it isn’t true. But why does the idea of dub and Norway together still sound so weird in today’s globalised context? It’s not just because the climates of Jamaica and Norway are (almost literally) poles apart. Dub and reggae music has an aesthetic tied more closely to it than perhaps almost any other type of music, and when asked to think of a society stereotype as far removed from that which gave us dub you might think of somewhere like Norway. But why shouldn’t dub and Norway fit together? This Saturday, Bristol’s finest representatives of eclectic dub culture – Peng Sound - will be hosting a five-strong crew of Norwegian dub maestros together in the basement of Take 5 cafe. Coming all the way from Moss in the north of the country, Kambo Super Sound and DJ Sotofett are first and foremost a group of buds out to have a good time. Secondly they’re a group of musicians and DJs sharing a passion for a culture and sound which may be far removed from them geographically but which is well embedded in their lifestyle and perspective. Thirdly, they’re the builders and owners of Norways HEAVIEST, Dub-bass-Trippin, scoop-laden rig: The Kambo Super Soundsystem. As part of the shape-shifting ‘Amfibia’ arm of the Sex Tags record label stable (which has been responsible for putting out everything from Black Metal to Sonic the Hedgehog remixes), Kambo Super Sound have been releasing dub 7”s over the last few years for sale in selective record shops worldwide and distributed from their living room by Sotofett and his label co-owner brother, Fett Burger. But Kambo Super is more than a musical project, and Kambo Super Sound are most famous for their star DJ roles at the yearly Sex Tags party Graff et Grill, held outside a convenience store from which the collective got their (Punjabi-originating) Kambo namesake in Moss. Combining live graffiti with heavyweight bbq grilling, a hefty slop of dub sounds and a friendly vibe, the Graff et Grill parties capture the eclectic, peculiar - but above all fun - Sex Tags aesthetic to a tee (just take a look at the flyers), and Peng Sound will be looking to host a bit of that this weekend. Of course, any Sex Tags party wouldn’t be the same without label boss Sotofett himself, and on Saturday he makes a welcome return to Take 5 after he held down a solo 6 hour session (+ after- after party) at Peng Sound in 2012, before dismantling the Motorcycle Showroom b2b with Fett Burger earlier this year with a hands-in-the-air, disco-dub-techno-ambient-everything-but-the- girl-goes-including-your-tops mayhem apocalypse set for Dirtytalk. It’s impossible to predict what Sotofett might have up his sleeve this time, but don’t expect the far corners of his record bag to be worn out just yet. There are a myriad of ways to wax lyrical about the cultural menagerie that is Sex Tags, but the impossibility of capturing it is precisely what makes it so special. Try to get a bit if it in full and inna dub stylings this Saturday , 10-4am.