Peng Sound records – Re-press release

PENG SOUND RE-PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE PUBLICATION. 15/05/12 Our first release, ‘Find Jay Way’, sold out in record time - testament to the strength of the record-buying community. So after a lot of deliberation we have decided to re-press the record to make it available to those who missed it the first time around. We feel that a re-press is the fairest way to get the music into the hands of those who want it, supporting the artists featured on the release while keeping it out of the hands of unscrupulous discogs sellers and keeping it in the racks of record shops, there for those who support the music. Our deepest thanks and respect goes out to all those who supported the first, full artwork copies of the record. In order to keep these special, the re-press will come in a stamped paper sleeve without inserts. The records are available now from the Peng Sound shop now priced at £6 and will be in all other shops ASAP. Peng Sound - Walk Good, talk good.