Peng Sound & Tape-Echo present – Killing Sound & Lurka

After a year in the making, it is time again for us to link with Peng Sound for a night of chest-crushing vibrations in the basement of the Take 5 Cafe. It is our pleasure to be able to present Killing Sound, (Vessel, El Kid and Jabu) who, ahead of the release of their highly anticipated EP on Blackest Ever Black, are joining us for a rare live show. Expect a chilling fusion of live instruments and synthesis. Check the clips below for a brief insight into the furthest reaches of the Young Echo sonic spectrum. Pure sonic dread. Manning the Technics we have Lurka from Hotline & Black Box, currently working at Dubstudio, his record bag is full of hand cut acetate, most of which is fresh for this session. Also on dubplate duty is the man like Ossia from Peng Sound and our very own Transient. Doors open at 10pm and it’ll cost you £6 to get through them.