Peverelist launches ‘DNUOS YTIVIL’ label

The first release on Peverelist’s new label ‘DNUOS YTIVIL’ stealthily infiltrated the racks of the finest record shops this week. An offshoot of the highly regarded Livity Sound label, it has been created to release music that is in line with the Livity Sound aesthetic but isn’t produced by the the trinity behind it. The first record (catalogue number 999) is ‘Bounce’ from Alex Coulton, a spacious piece of broken, subterranean-techno, constructed from brittle percussion. While the use of delay and reverb to create spaces is far from new, his great skill in manipulating these effects to maximise the width and groove of the choice few elements at work really shines through here, pushing his sound even further than we have heard before. Reverb tails slink around the stone walled labyrinth, bouncing off the walls, panning out to create an extremely tense and claustrophobic space, built on foundations of dread filled bass. Pev is at the controls to version the track for the B side, shattering the original into a thousand pitch bent, jagged pieces that scrape the walls of the echo chamber with Scientific precision. Drums are pushed and pulled through the mix, twisting ferrous stems beautifully out of shape - Imagine Perc clashing Pole and you’re halfway there...Needless to say, it comes highly recommended. Sophisticated sound-system rooted Techno for 2012 Vinyl only edition with artwork insert by Tape-Echo.