Skrs & Jabu next up on NoCorner

Building on a steadily growing collection of Jabu 7”s, the NoCorner imprint are now announcing the third in the series of ’45s from the Young Echo members, following the Kahn & chester giles affiliations, now reaching off-shore with an unexpected SKRS collaboration. The label who’s first cassette featured a live recording from Jabu at our humble studio - That was around 2012, back in days when we hosted radio shows here - has provided a tangible mainframe of smoked out rhythms from the pair over the years, with ‘Move In Circles’ also making up the first wax pressing on NoCorner, followed by the single-sided ‘Slow Hours’ ft chester giles sometime towards the end of last year. Further exploring the theme of ‘version excursion’ that lead to the release of ‘Move In Circles’ along with the Kahn Remix of ‘You & I’ on the flip of that first NoCorner 7” - and continuing the theme of mysterious exclusion of the original cut - the latest disc manifests a long-standing musical appreciation between Jabu & SeekersInternational (aka SKRS), with this cross-wired rework collaboration between the two. Without big intentions for release, and purely driven by an appreciation for each others musical approach and delivery, earlier this year, SKRS had sent a raw demo over to Alex Rendall, asking him to vocal one of his instrumentals. ‘BwoyTest’ in it’s raw form must’ve enticed Amos Childs (the man on the buttons at Jabu HQ) to tweak at the rhythm and add a few elements - once the track was sent back in it’s new shape & form, SKRS dubbed it once more, and ‘BwoyTestVIP’ in it's full off-kilter glory, became the final title. Out of curiosity to explore this versioning theme, Jabu passed over the stems of their as of yet unreleased ‘Oran’ track, which had been on dubplate rotation for a couple of years, but which has, until now, remained below the radar. Shot back through the array of incense-tinged and gold-inked equipment at the SKRS HQ, the 2nd collaborative cut was presented with Oran getting the VIP treatment, loaded with fuzzy tape-echoes, SKRS style soundbytes from the dancehall and extra angular rhythmic presentation. We are pleased to present you with an exclusive listen & view of this limited edition 7” release - Cementing the Bristol-Vancouver connection, Max Kelan Pearce & Mysteryforms have collaborated on the visuals for this video - The video features OranVIP for the main part, but BwoyTestVIP gets a little glimpse at the end too: