Stokes Croft Riots

Stokes Croft second riots - We were all gathered in the Take5 cafe basement, under the influence and listening to quality house records in our own jackin' bubble, oblivious to the fact that the ridiculous charade of 'rioting' had started outside once again, it had only been a few days since the last one.. The front shutters of the cafe had been closed sealing us all inside, nobody seemed to care…The San Miguel flowed, records spun round and round and there was twitter talk of a heavy police presence outside… A couple of hours later we emerged out of the back door to the cafe and stumbled round the block onto Stokes Croft, we were greeted by the vulgar sound of smashing glass, the abrasive blue strobe of police lights and the sky was glistening with bottles. we saw pathetic attempts to re-hash the previous weeks events from a few little hereberts who had no desire to preserve this unique area, they were only intent on causing trouble, perhaps because they missed the first chance… We dipped into Slix and ordered while the police chased masked children up and down the street, then sat on the roof of the fast food place and ate fried chicken, watching the madness unfold and realised that this was the beginning of the end…That the gentrification had already started.