Teachings In Dub Presents – A Peng Sound Special

Many will remember the mighty Teachings In Dub & Peng Sound Records link-up that happened in the Trinity Centre at the beginning of a year... It was a big session that brought Dubkasm & Gorgon Sound together under the same roof, firing heaps of exclusive dubplates through OBF's earth-shaking soundystem.... It's only right, that Stryda listened to the requests of the people, and answered by organising a part two. Bringing in Ishan Sound, who's dubplates were being put to very good use by Gorgon Sound & Dubkasm earlier this year (some of you may remember the mighty 'Kala' shaking up the venue, which was then still a dubplate, and is now out as part of the Ishan Sound 2 x 12” on Peng Sound Records) It's set to be another very special night, one that may well go down in soundsystem history. Initiated by a selection of records and dubplates from Peng Sound bossman Ossia alongside the original Snoopy Rankin on microphone, Ishan Sound will be performing his notorious skills on the mixing desk, dubbing off his most explosive productions live and direct, with Rider Shafique on vocal duties. Those of you who have witnessed this show, will be able to testify that this will be a certified madness in the dance... Expect heaps of rhythm, bassline and of course pan flutes to be flinging off via the mixing desk, blasting off through big delays & reverbs, with the bassline on overdrive, putting the soundsystem to it's test, Ishan Sound style... And of course, this would not be a soundsystem session without a certified set of scoops, mids, tops and amplifiers.... This will be taken care of, by the Vanguard of Dub, the original soundsystem veterans, the inimitable Iration Steppas Soundsystem.... Expect only the fiercest, heaviest riddims from Mark Iration & crew, playing dubs inna Year 3000 style. Apparently there are only a handful of tickets left, so make sure you get one, or at least arrive nice and early to avoid being too late.