Western Union Launch

The southwests penchant for weed and bass is producing all sorts of weird and beautiful mutations on the 4x4 sound at the moment. Some more established producers have moved away from the 140 zone, dropping the tempos and increasing the groove, not to mention a whole gang of new blood waiting to come through as well. At the moment there is some sort of new scene or movement starting to form, always the most interesting phase of any cycle and a pleasure to witness. A lot of experiments being made while everyone feels their way around in the dark searching for some common ground. While bedrooms across Bristol are serving as labs, developing and researching this new strain, the third piece of the Stokes Croft holy trinity (alongside the blue barbers and Idle hands) the basement of the Take 5 cafe is serving as the incubator and forum for presenting the findings. The new night 'Western Union' is a collaborative effort to shed the spotlight onto the current wave of local producers making and playing house music in all its varied forms, operating below the radar of the hype machine its a low key affair with all promotion done via word of mouth and the single poster in Idle Hands shop window, oh and a Facebook page (link at the bottom)…Wester Union the place to go to hear this new sound develop organically in a friendly atmosphere, powered by the (mighty) high pressure system… The first line-up is as follows - Asusu Vessel Shanti Everything starts off at 8pm and finishes at 1 so theres no 'oh i've got work tomorrow' excuses… kicking off this Thursday the 28th The majority of these tracks have yet to see a release but in the