Young Echo – Album launch party

It's no surprise that many a musical spectator’s eye has been cast on the Young Echo collective over the last few years. Having risen out of the shadows of the Bristol underground electronic music scene via their sporadic radio streams, even catching the eyes and ears of the Guardian. Broadcast to the world by the the collective members and extended family, between dusk and midnight from a dank rehearsal room just off Jamaica Street. The shows act as a beacon of their musical output, offering glimpses into the realms of this group of producers and affiliated musicians from around the Bristol circuit and beyond. Anyone who has had the pleasure of attending these sessions will have witnessed the excitement as the Young Echo members jump queues dropping in anything from unfinished work in progress, new collaborations, obscure soundscapes or a quick vocal showcase on the mic. Adding to the ongoing stream of creativity with a constant influx into the broad sonic spectrum that spins the musical web formed by it's members and affiliates. The crew showcase an almost careless, yet deeply passionate sense of musical freedom, with a true DIY attitude both in their delivery and music, bringing to mind tales told by older relatives who enjoyed the bustling underground music scene in Bristol's late 80's, laying the groundwork for scenes like these... Whilst the members of the group seemingly go about their business without blowing their trumpet, unbothered by the surrounding hype, individual members have made their mark on the musical map with several notable releases on labels such as Punch Drunk, Tri Angle, Idle Hands, Hotline Recordings, Left:Blank, No Corner and more. With each of the artists occupying their own space within this spectrum, it is a logical progression to solidify the roots of the group as a whole and release carefully curated selection of their output on an album, celebrating their success as a collective as well as individually. This is dropping very soon, courtesy Ramp Recordings on 2x12" and CD. Apart from the growing discography, Young Echo's members have made appearances at Festival's from Outlook to Unsound, have played infamous clubs including Berghain, Fabric and have performed live on Boiler Room.... In order to complete this list and to celebrate the forthcoming Album, of course we had to bring the whole Young Echo Family (and special guests) to the basement of the one-and-only, world famous Take Five Cafe, 72 Stokes Croft, Bristol. Doors Open at 10pm. Entry is £5. Music policy: Anything goes. Dan Davies.