Young Echo July 2014

It's that time again, a bunch of D.I.Y. posters can be seen attached to phoneboxes and brick walls, queries of who might be playing this month can be heard in your local record shop, the 10 members are sending text messages back and forth, discussing who will bring what to the musical table this month, as the Young Echo collective descend on the Exchange once again. Other than that, I've heard through the grapevine that Vessel, aka APE, will be bringing an array of his vast selection of hardware - along for an exclusive and brand new APE set… I've heard a 1min snippet when visiting his studio last week, and it got me excited already… I'd advise to check it out, as these sets are a rarity. Some of you will have heard about the latest Jabu release, a 7 track EP entitled 'Kwaidan' coming out on RAMP July 21st? It's been over a year since their last release, the 'Move In Circles' 7" on NoCorner - but it's completely worth the wait, it's a superb record. Expect the Test Pressing to be rotating on the 1210s this Thursday evening, along with the Young Echo vocalists live on the microphone - Alex Rendall, Manonmars, Rider Shafique. Of course Kahn, Neek & Ishan Sound will be there too, armed with their untouchable artillery of dubplates and exclusives, always a highlight at these nights. And there's word of the tape decks being present for this night once again, with Ossia bringing a selection of records and cassettes for your ferric listening pleasure. Who knows, maybe El Kid will even bring his selection of tapes that earnt him notoriety on the European Young Echo tour… I'll say no more, just come and enjoy the night with us, have a dance and a drink and listen to some good sounds. Young Echo Sound at The Exchange, This Thursday 10-3ish, £4. Looking forward to it. Daniel Davies

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