Young Echo Sound 1st Birthday Session

Mad, how quick time goes... About a year ago, we announced the launch of the monthly Young Echo Sound sessions at The Exchange, stating it's mission to redefine the club setting and bring people from all corners of the town into one dark room to celebrate the vibrations in front of a decent soundsystem. It's very fair to say that each one of these events has been a success, from the start, these nights bring in a solid, open-minded an diverse crowd that attend regularly and fill up the space with positivity. A big thanks goes out to all those who've supported the events, and made it feel so special.. It's hard to think of just one highlight from these events, from the D.I.Y. Live sets and raucous punk, grime or dancehall hours and unexpected special guest appearances, right through to cassette selections and of course the constantly evolving lyrical skills from Young Echo's vocalists, it's been a joyful ride, a musical extravaganza from start to finish. I could go on for a while describing these nights with nostalgia and excitement for the future, but I'll leave it at this - If you've made it down before you know (roughly) what to expect. If you haven't... we'll then you should come along tonight and celebrate! There will be records, cake, balloons... And birthday beats. No pun(ch) intended. Young Echo Sound – no.12 – Tonight at The Exchange – Bristol. Doors open at 10.30, doors close at 3. £4 entry.