Young Echo Sound at Exchange Bristol 05/02/14

Almost half a year has passed since the first article, announcing the imminent arrival of the monthly Young Echo Sound events, was written. Touching down on the subjects of Bristol institutions closing down with new voids in Bristol's underground music scene opening up, the article spoke about the restrictions that the loss of certain venues has implied on promoters and musicians who want to push their sounds independently and free from the pressure of mass promotion, or musical dictation. Six months later it seems like this subject is ever-so relevant once again… The space for under-the-radar events and the, musically riskier side of club promotion which the exchange's basement has offered since it opened the doors last year, is now sadly due to close it's doors once again. Whilst the upstairs room will (thankfully) still be open for events, the basement room will be converted to rehearsal rooms as it was sadly not able to generateT-E enough takings to justify it's continuation as a club space. It's a real shame, and we have been racking our brains trying to work out how to continue these Young Echo sessions, which had been running perfectly, with a great regular crowd enjoying the sonics that were emitted here once a month on a wednesday night. What will happen next is all up in the air, but it is likely that we will utilise the upstairs room in some shape or form, whilst maintaining an intimate atmosphere and feeling to the night, something which was always in the forefront of our ambitions for this event. So it turns out that this Wednesday's session will be one of the very last events in this shape and form, down in the dimly lit basement of the exchange. We would like to give thanks to all who have supported this event so far, and urge those who haven't come to witness one of these sessions as of yet, to come and support the occasion, and also the hard-working, honest and passionate owners of the Exchange club, truly one of Bristol's finest, and most music-orientated clubs right now. Even though these words may seem disheartening and discouraging, it's not all doom & gloom - We will continue to push forward, no matter what obstacles may arise. The Young Echo Sessions shall continue it's path through the exciting underground of Bristol's music scene. This Wednesday, starting at 10pm until the hours of 2am, After two months break (Doing a session on Wednesday 01/01/14 was just a tad unrealistic…) the Young Echo family are itching to get back behind the soundsystem and push new vibrations through the boxes. The mighty Ishan Sound, Young Echo's secret weapon, will be making an appearance with an array of dubplates, representing his ghostly take on steppers and dancehall….fresh on the heel's of his formidable 7" released on ZamZam, you can rest assured that he will be bringing the fire, accompanied by an original Roland Space Echo and an effects chain, we're ready for tape-echo delay murderation, live on the spot. We can also promise you a glimpse of Killing Sound's newly improvised Live set ahead of the forthcoming Peng Sound vs Tape-Echo session at Take 5 Cafe - featuring drum machines, samplers, live guitar and vocal snippets, you can expect the loose formation of Jasmine on guest vocals, Vessel, El Kid, Jabu to bring you an intense journey through the outer reaches of Young Echo's sonic spectrum... drenched with dread, tangled in dub. On top of all this, we can expect a Jabu Live Pa with Amos Childs and Alex Rendall showcasing their very-own productions, Kahn & Neek aka Gorgon Sound bringing full dubplate pressure as only they can do, as well as a full set from Peng Sound's Ossia, loose part of the Young Echo extended family, who has been digging deep in his record bag and cutting fresh plates ready for this dance, prepared to take you for a musical ride. Sometimes the best way to deal with the future, is to embrace the now. Young Echo Sound This Wednesday 05/02/14 10pm-2am £4 all night