Young Echo Sound – Monthly at The Exchange

From the Dug Out to Dubloaded, the musical movements within the city of Bristol have always found their catalyst in social settings. Dubplates, Micmen, Dancefloor, Soundsystem - Like minded people come together and enjoy the vibrations, it’s all about the music… A place to engage. Geographically, Bristol is just another medium-sized city in the UK. With a modest population of around half a million, it should surely wallow in insignificance amongst it’s counterparts in this standardized world we live in. What sets it apart from other similarly sized cities, however is it’s strong cultural enthusiasm and a shared love for forward-thinking music that has kept the city a recognized sonic force worldwide. From Smith & Mighty to Skull Disco, a constant stream of creativity has been emitting vibrations from the heartbeat of this slow-paced city ever since the beginnings of its soundsystem culture days. Although musically, the city is still sounding fresh and ‘Bristolian’ as ever, Dubloaded has, since it’s departure, left a gap on the dancefloor. Of course there are exceptions - we can still count ourselves lucky in comparison to the average town - but the fast-track hype machine seems to have got hold of Bristol nightlife in many ways. With no definitive personality and a lack of imagination, it seems as if Bristol’s reputation of being at the forefront of the underground is waning. With disparate scenes and fragmented events largely based around House music, it’s probably safe to say that the Dubstep scene is dead here in Bristol. But that doesn’t mean that the initial, revolutionary spirit of this sound shall pass… For a new underground movement to flourish, a shared enthusiasm for the unexplored is what is needed and ultimately what is required for progression. The current lack of a stylistic and focused movement within the underground, it’s time to embrace and make the most of the freedom it brings with it. Enter - Young Echo Sound. We have created a testing ground for dubplates and new verses, a display of musical talent and individual tastes…A new angle from which to view music and a new place to dance, it is a space to link up with your friends on a regular basis. Away from the computer and the strains of the 9-5… Musically we want to make a space that is as unpredictable and as unrestricted as music should be, shielded from the grim, street-level realities outside. The closure of the Tube and the recent loss of the Croft, once choice venues for promoters looking to push underground sounds without losing a fortune left a near fatal wound in the fragile scene. Thankfully the Exchange, run by the previous owners of the now legendary Croft have filled the void with their new venue - The Exchange. Here, in the basement of the club, on the first Wednesday of the month you will find the Young Echo family, as well as special guests from the Bristol and worldwide music circuit. Crate-digging selections, live shows and improvisations… All kinds of rhythms - dubwise and otherwise. For the time being, there will be no facebook groups or relentless social media updates, a run of flyers can be found around town - just keep your ears to the ground and remember: Young Echo Sound. - Live and Direct - ‘Every 1st Wednesday of the month. 10-2 The Exchange, BS2 0EJ £4 entry. Musical Policy: \ Rhythm for the leg. Rhythm for the head. Daniel Davies