Smashing 2010

2010, the year the bright light that was dubstep (a dirty word in certain circles these days) finally smashed, plunging producers into darkness clutching at a hundred different shards of new ideas, at the moment everyone is feeling their way round in the dark. Sure there is plenty of life left in the genre but that'll largely be played on daytime radio and on compilations sold at Tesco , featuring masked artists in Sweet Shops, trying to get ahead of each other in the groundbreaking quest for the most disgusting midrange wobble… Producers with a bassweight hangover began releasing their interpretations on genres that they had always been keeping an eye on, creating this current strain of mutant house (Until somebody comes up with a better name for it) that references everything the NUMM has to offer…There are no rules at the moment, everyone is feeling their way around in the darkness producing these beat experiments, everyone taking a bit of everything else and seeing what happens, when theres no rules or formulas to follow, its the best time for creating exciting music. Im not really a fan of the endless 'top however many' lists that surface at the end of each year so i wanted to pick a record that encapsulated where we are now, and also how we got here. 'Croydon House' is that record. Pinch takes his expertly crafted sound that has been a stalwart of the dubstep scene from day and morphs it into this absolute monster of a track that is in limbo somewhere between dubstep and house, much the same as 2010. 2011 will be listened to at somewhere around 130 BPM