Peng Sound Radio W. DJ Sotofett –

As part of the 'Mossive Attack' on Bristol that took place between Thursday's Hotline Dubplate Session at The Exchange and Saturday's Peng Sound Dance with DJ Sotofett and Kambo Super Sound down in Take 5 Cafe basement - the marathon DJ, musical choice selector, the one-and-only DJ Sotofett stopped off at Peng Sound HQ during the Friday afternoon for a live guest mix on their bi-weekly radio show on Sub.FM. After all it would be shame, and certainly not in keeping with DJ Sotofett's previous Bristol appearances, to let the platters run cold whilst he's set foot on our Shores. It's clear he wasn't going to lug two bags full of vinyl and a toothbrush all the way from Moss to Bristol to just laze around or visit the suspension bridge… And it was a real pleasure to watch him spin a selection of choice records during the show. Ossia gets the wheels in motion for the first 30mins, then it's DJ Sotofett in full flight-control for the next Hour and a bit. No microphone until later during the show, the music does most of the talking. No tracklist either. But I can assure you that there are some real gems in there - keep an ear out for some freshly cut acetate, a Test Press of Don Papa's forthcoming Sex Tags Mania 12" and some two-dollar dub.

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