Tape-Echo radio 10/08/12 Transient

Opening up the show with the excellent minimalist reduction of 'Bells' by Hodge (watch out for this one, trust us) we move into the live jam recording of 'Late Sax 63' from The Fuzzey Group, a cross between post Red Medicine Fugazi and 23 Skidoo, recorded by a single overhead mic into Garageband. Also in this show, forthcoming material from Bass Clef on Idle Hands, low tempo grime from an unknown producer and the weapons grade Dancehall destroyer, 'Full Clip', from the big dawwg Lurka. Transient steps up to the 1210s for the second hour of body jacking' House grooves from the US and UK. Hodge - Bells (Dub) The Fuzzey Group - Late Sax 63 (Unreleased) Bruh Jackman - Of The Sun (Forthcoming Paradise Club) Bass Clef - You're Driving Me (Forthcoming Idle Hands) Unknown - NAH (Dub) Filter Dread - Jelly Fingers (Roll Edit) (Dub) Lurka - Full Clip (Forthcoming ???) Typesun - Heart Maths (forthcoming? Borai - Why Would You Even Think? (Dub) Self help Interlude - October & Borai - Palmarosa Rhythmic Theory - Twilight Distinction Omar S - U Jason Fine - Jack Yo Bodda master & CJ - Face It (RMX) NY Stomp - The NY House Track (Basement Dub) Mike Dehnert - Umlaut2 (First Version) Outboxx - Astro Girl Wbeeza - He So Crazy Scott Grooves -Crash Soundstream -Deeper Love Wbeeza - Coast Spotting Soundhack - Disco Crash Basement Jaxx - Jump & Shout DVA - Step 2 Funk B15 Project - Girls Like Us Tru Faith/Dub Conspiracy - Freak Like Me Baffled - Going On Kowton - Looking At You

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