Tape-Echo Radio – Transient 25/05/12

7 Arrows - Al Fattah (Soul Motive) Early B - New York party Find Jah Way (Dubkasm Version) Lambert Matthews - Plasmoid (forthcoming WRHP) Outboxx - Dolphs Vision (forthcoming Immerse) Joonipah - Red & Yellow (Forthcoming WHRP) Soul Clap - Get Low (Rich Dweller RMX)(dub) Hodge - Voodo (dub) Lurka - BR Greaze (dub) Kowton - Des Bisous (forthcoming Pale Fire) Alex Coulton - Bounce (Peverelist RMX) (dub) Transient In The Mix - Frozen Border002 Asusu - Sister Traversable Wormhole - Relativistic Time Dilation (Kevin Gorman Remix) ?????? MDR004 Vatican Shadow - Church Of All Images (Regis Version) Szare - EDI Beneath - Still Hurts Emptyset - Completely Gone Svreca - Hagagatan Tommy Four Seven - Ratu (Perc RMX) Ugandan Methods - Beneath The Black Arch Pinch - Get Out Of Here Karenn - Chaste Down Shake Shakir - Travellers (MRSK RMX)

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