Tape-Echo radio – Transient & Neka 07/09/12

Upfront CD machine selection Bare Skin - 30 Mirrors (Forthcoming Hypercolour) Big Naturals - Paper Floor Rachel - You're Driving Me (Forthcoming idle Hands) Hicha - Inner City (dub) Name Pending - Askew (dub) Rachel - Kung Funk (Forthcoming Idle Hands) Gram rcy - The Yawn (Dub) Neka in the mix - Rhythm & Sound - king in my empire Rhythm & Sound - find a way Rhythm & Sound - tell you Rhythm & Sound - aerial Rhythm & Sound - troddin darling farah - all eyes Rhythm & Sound - queen in my empire darling farah- fortune part ii Rhythm & Sound w/ tikiman - jah rule beat pharmacy feat. negus shabaka - mental universe lv - takeover evian christ - fuck it none of y'all dont rap versa - shadow movement Transient in the mix Naphtali - hole up your hand Ekoplekz - Ekoplatz (Richard H Kirk RMX) XXXXXXXXXX Lurka - BR Greaze (Forthcoming Hotline Recordings) XXXXXX Lurka - Full Clip (Forthcoming Hotline Recordings) Jah Warrior - Dub From The Heart XXXXXXXX Prince jazzbo meats culture freeman - Golden Fountain dub Goldielocks - Wasteman Jon E CASH - ITS ALL ABOUT THE SEX Cut Dubplates Not Corners

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