ASDA Live cassette

It was a warm summer’s evening, the sun had only just set and the rose petals were still mid-air, floating between couples holding hands, walking through Bristol’s picturesque parks and walkways. There was a dark-orange glow behind the buildings and the smell of romance could be made out in the air, even on Portland square, between the architects and the prostitutes, the young kids meeting at McDonalds, the wide-eyed students and the stoned skaters passing by. Something felt good this evening. Later that night, when asda began to play down in the basement of Cosies, the romance and warmth quickly got turned into the aural equivalent of sex and a kind of sickly heat… The mic was feeding back like there was no tomorrow, answering the screams of this bunch of people in that basement… chester did not give a fuck about their feelings, no fuck at all. Seb was just playing, luring them from one rhythm to the next, taunting their ears with sounds that were easily above pitch register and answering them with equal blasts of bass through those hand-built speakers like a knock to the gut. I’ve been to cosies for many a nice session, but that was the first time I entered a mosh-pit in this place. It was fun, really fucking fun. A good thing is, that the recording now exists on cassette, to be released via FuckPunk this Thursday 20/10/16 - Recorded over some old children’s bible tapes, the perfect antidote to chester and seb’s utter blasphemy. Packaged in the original Death Disko poster designed by Sam ‘Neek’ Barrett - because that makes absolute sense. There’s also a lovely picture of asda inside, and contact details for FuckPunk showcase bookings.

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