Bass Clef – Dawn Chorus Pedal – Review

Tape Echo: Bass Clef: You’re driving me/You don’t know don’t know you. Idle Hands presents another excellently crafted 12” in the form of ‘You’re driving me/You don’t know don’t know you’ by Bass Clef. If you heard his LP on Punch Drunk earlier this year you will be pleased to hear that this release is full of the dusty analogue sounds that made the LP such a beautifully textured work. The title song ‘You’re driving me’ delivers on every level, classic synth lines, intricate filter work and percussive elements that drive the track along with ease. The track gradually builds into a combination of luscious pads, big bass synths and an infectious acid melody. This one will work the dance floors but will also suit some home listening too. The B side ‘You don’t know don’t know you’ is quite a different affair. Led by softly spoken pitched vocals and carried by fractured beat, there is an almost sombre tone throughout. Bongo rhythms and pot and pan like percussion work to subtly propel the track forward whilst soft piano chords and a high synth melody create an emotive backdrop. The song structure rolls out effortlessly alternating between large synth stabs and delicately delayed arps. Though there is a sense of fluidity, the broken beat structure keeps things slightly off-kilter. The contrast between this and the A side results in this being an interesting and musically dynamic outing. Another quality release from Bass Clef and another addition to the nothing but great series of 12” from Idle Hands. Available on vinyl and digital. Charlie Davis-Miller