Dubkasm – Counter Attack – Pengsound009

Although the catalogue number suggests otherwise, Peng Sound Records are indeed about to present their 10th vinyl release, roughly four years after the incendiary 'Find Jah Way' kicked things off in all the way back in 2012... Many thought that the world would end that year, and whilst it may have marked the beginning of the end, things really got going for Peng Sound from there on, moving from occasional music events in the Take Five Cafe to fully-fledged DIY record label. From the very start, it was clear that the label would serve as a community platform for the extended 'Peng Sound Family'. Moving forward with a collaborative ethos that has established itself through close friendships and attitude developed via the Peng Sound dances that took place since 2009 in Bristol. Dubkasm, Gorgon Sound and Ishan Sound have contributed with high-power additions to the ever-strengthening Peng Sound discography, marked with appearances from vocalists Ras Addis, Junior Dread, Lidj Xylon and Guy Calhoun to name a few. The latest incarnation on the label, is the unearthing of 'Counter Attack' - Full pressure, past-midnight soundsystem gear, built by Digistep and Stryda, firing from all angles as soon as the Piano intro-lead gives way to the momentous bass and drum parts - these steppers cuts have acted as crucial dubplate weaponry for Iration Steppas, Gorgon, Dubkasm over the years... The first time this dubplate got played, was at Zion Station Festival, in Italy during a three way sound session between Dubkasm, Vibronics and Young Warrior. And those of you who made it to the session, or got a copy of the cassette recordings that were issued on the label later that year, will probably also remember hearing this one getting played at the first Teachings In Dub & Peng Sound dance at the Trinity Centre in January 2015, where Counter Attack set the dance alight with soundsystem pressure. It was for this occasion, that Gorgon Sound had got hold of the stems and restyled 'Counter Attack' in their own inimitable way - The Gorgon Sound remix comes locked with an extra fluid low-end melody, crushing it's way through the first 3 mins, before stripping things down to a heavy dubwise section for the last part of the tune, with a propulsive bassline that is fittingly only a few notes away from the first ever record that brought Gorgon and Dubkasm together – Find Jah Way ends their cut. Play all three cuts of Dubkasm's Counter Attack, and then finish things off with the Gorgon Sound remix, and you can mash up the dance for a solid quarter of an hour... Or maybe we should make that, 20 mins – rewinds included! As always, the first pressing comes pressed on heavyweight 12” and is served in a printed sleeve. For those who are quick enough off the mark, there is also an extra limited edition which includes a variation of hand-made imprints on the sleeve, referencing past designs on the label. A real D.I.Y. labour that involves the transferral of toner from printed paper to the sleeve whilst avoiding the inhalation of toxic fumes. These are limited to 150 copies, hand-stamped and numbered – each one looks a little different. First copies will be available via rwdfwd.com (or Idle Hands and Payback if you live in Bristol) - all other good record shops worldwide, will be supplied next week, around 27/4/16.

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