E B U – Hinge

E B U is about to release ‘Hinge’ her debut LP for NoCorner. For those who don’t know, E B U is the stage name of Ella Paine, a Bristol resident that has made a name for herself with her captivatingly unique live shows in which she explains the forms of her music with dance, and creates a vivid interplay between these body shapes, her ring-modulated voice and the strangely mesmerising dissonances of her synth & drum machine. Announced by way of putting an edition of 100 records out in the world at the beginning of the year, The single ahead of this LP presented two originals from E B U’s full-length on NoCorner alongside remixes from O$VMV$M & Broshuda, That 12” is now long-gone and out-of-the-door, and probably sat on some worthy turntables as we speak, doing the rounds with those weird & wonderful sounds. However, we’re here now to share the news about her debut LP ‘Hinge’, and gain a little extra insight from Ella - ”Hinge is an exploration into the human psyche,” she says, ”from the individual to the onlooker. I have a morbid fascination with the imperfection of human behaviour and the spectrum of emotions we harbour; I like to explore these themes through an unfiltered lens and extract those nuances through music and performance. Drawn to the darker sides of humanity I embrace the weirdness that we all have within us and make this the main feature of my work. The very nature of existence is questioned and the absurdity and magic that life offers is the focus for conjuring a sense of ‘otherness’. Touching upon chaos, my music treads a fine line between order and disorder. Every trill, clunk and thud appears to trace its own trajectory yet something holds this ensemble captive. Weighty sounds collide en mass yet thrust in forward momentum, a collective dialogue hinged in orbit. I wanted to find a name that encapsulated both my sound and subject matter. ‘Hinge’ represents the thread that keeps my music anchored and saves it from total destruction. Whether it is a constant beat that stabilises the turbulence, or a vocal that guides you through the eye of the storm. Similarly I believe we as humans can easily swerve into a self-destructive mode when we lose our sense of purpose or faith or our relationships break down. Something, however, deep inside us saves us from total destruction. Our need to survive is programmed into our very DNA, and this is our hinge that holds us together.” Below we have video that was created for ‘Falling’, the 2nd track in the LP, the one that begins this whirlwind of sugary sensations, in what is one of the most beautifully unique, and hard-to-define records we’ve heard in some time. ‘Hinge’ is available now, via rwdfwd.com >> Stream the video below, shot & edited by Ailsa Fineron.

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