FaltyDL – Mean Streets

The quality of Drew LUSTMAN'S productions have come such a long way in a relatively short space of time and in many respects this is his masterpiece. So many tracks  have been written as odes to the big apple but so few come close to doing it the justice it so deserves. Mean Streets is a 5 minute stroll through the CITY'S boroughs on a hot summer afternoon, picking up different musical elements from each of them along the way and throwing them into the melting pot. Breaks pop in and out, snippets of jazz float in on the ether,(add comma) creating such a rich sonic experience you can almost feel the sidewalk under your feet and smell the coffee and bagels in the air. Pressed up on quality heavyweight vinyl in a limited run of 500 numbered and stickered sleeves, (add comma) with a stunning B&W photograph of the same streets that inspired the tune on the front, IT'S worth the price just for the artwork alone. In the digital age of throwaway tunes and playlist fodder IT'S a pleasure to see a label pay such care and attention to the whole package, Swamp 81 come correct once again and have created a true objet d'art.