Fuckpunk002 – Asda

Perhaps two of the most obnoxiously boundary pushing releases of 2014 came in the form of FuckPunk’s edition of 20 ‘Pulse Marley’ 5” record (you heard right) and it’s sharp 12” follow up that featured ultra-raw cuts of Sleng Teng, backed with a locked groove, a ‘shit etching’ and some pretty good use of the centre hole on the reverse label design (those who have the record will know what we mean). The next disc is set break more rules, and it will debut an outfit entitled ‘asda’ - an uncompromising sound that amalgamates from the combination of local realist-poet ‘Chester Giles’ and one of the most talented musicians to circulate the underground electronic circuits in recent years: Vessel. We've had the maximum pleasure of listening to this for some time now, as well as more material from the pair (set for an album release on NoCorner later this year, no less). We'd be dishonest with ourselves if we didn't say that this feels like some of the realest music entering electronic circuits in recent years... It's not polished, it's not deliberated for the sake of it, this music comes straight from the heart, it's fumes exhaust a feeling of love-sickness - both from personal relationships, as well as perhaps a torn and tarnished love-affair with the offerings of the capitalistic world in which we are pretty much forced to indulge, basking in the (un)comfortable glow of fellow folk in the shopping centres, 24hr supermarkets and fast-food venues. As the latest fuckpunk statement declares – 'This is new age punk music.' We believe it. Get your teeth into this, take a bite and swallow. In keeping with the theme of the output, the imagery from the A side centre label was snatched from CCTV footage inside the asda store in Bedminster, and the photo for the insert was taken on a disposable camera, obtained inside the supermarket, with the material being shot minutes after whilst drinking a bottle of stolen whiskey. The 10” comes with a printed centre label on one side, hand-stamped and assembled with sello-taped, track titles on the flip. A photocopied, type-writen set of words from chester giles is housed in the oversized polythene sleeve along with the record and an extra photo of Seb and Chester in the asda car-park, on a rainy night in December. Vinyl-only edition of 325.

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